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I thought you might appreciate some background information
before considering me for one of your projects

While I now spend most of my day with a digital stylus in hand, tapping out Photoshop
shortcuts, it was once the squeak of a magic marker and the smell of cow gum.

I've kept the following history short, as I'm sure you will decide whether I’m right for
your needs based on the images, rather than the words. So in a nutshell:

Started as a studio designer, both in-house and agency, working across a wide
range of media

Freelance illustrator/visualiser, producing work for top advertising agencies,
national magazines and book publishers

Creative and board director of an Omnicom Group company

Partnership in a design and marketing communications business

Now enjoy being hands on once more as a freelance illustrator and art director
promotional piece for unique
client: Unique
car magazine spead
Car Magazine
mini poster
client: Rover

Re-launch of the Mini Cooper.
A 96 sheet poster campaign
coinciding with a major Royal
Academy pop art retrospective.

"Bright, cheeky image...a lot sexier than any photograph" Campaign
cartoon series
Sales Promotion Magazine
tri ac ads
client: Tri-Ac
clark's pos
client: Clarks
truck magazine cartoon
client: Truck Magazine
image for cellnet
client: Cellnet
renault ad
client: Renault